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We deliver guides, tutorials and technology reviews to our readers 100% free.

In order to do this, we use affiliate links.

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These affiliate programs do not influence our sentiment, rating or placement of the technology.

While reading Securifer, we want to assure our readers that what they are reading is 100% unbiased and supported by facts, statistics or in-house tests.

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Our writers

Evan Stockton – Director of Cybersecurity at Sozyco LTD

Evan has since childhood had a passion for IT.

With many years of technical cybersecurity work behind his back, Evan these days spend his time writing online privacy guides, with a focus on making them accessible to anyone – no matter who unfamiliar you are with cybersecurity.

Quirks in Tech – Writer and Journalist

QuirksInTech joined Securifer in 2021 as a freelance writer and journalist. You may recognize the name from the tech blog quirksintech.ca.

Ethi.cx (Jaime Cochran) – Researcher

Jaime Cochran was an important part of Securifer at launch and worked closely with Evan. We will remember her fondly.


What is Securifer?

Securifer is a trademarked online brand/blog that focuses mainly on cybersecurity and online privacy topics. You can find several different tutorials and guides on how to protect your digital information online on Securifer.com.

When did Securifer start?

The domain Securifer.com was first registered first in March 2021, but the idea had been in the works for over a year at that point.

Where is Securifer?

Securifer is a globally registered trademark of Sozyco LTD., a private company based in Malta. However, the company does not necessarily operate from Malta. Employees at Securifer are spread out across more than a dozen countries.

What does Securifer do?

Securifer.com is an award-winning online privacy website.